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2012 Homeschool Family Special

Cut to the Chase

Free introTuesday 8/21 at 1:30pm (RSVP)
Class beginsTuesdays 9/4 at 1:30pm
LocationMy home
(near I40 and Tramway)
Due 8/28$56/family Student Home Material
$10/each additional student
Read and agree with studio policies
Signed enrollment form
Due 9/4first monthly tuition payment
$70/mo first student
$40/mo each additional student
As neededAdditional student home materials
additonal $100-$200 for the year depending on progress
Email Amy or call at 296-7963 to RSVP or to register for class.


Okay, now that I've hopefully covered the "Just the facts ma'am" crowd, a heartfelt welcome to my fellow homeschoolers! I am very excited about introducing you to this wonderful program. I stumbled across Simply Music while searching for something better to help my kids with their piano learning journey including helping them to improvise, compose, play in an ensemble, and play different styles of music. I was overjoyed at finding the overall goal of Simply Music of making the piano a companion for life, but was somewhat skeptical when I first entered the world of Simply Music thinking that no program can be "this good!" But I have been more than pleased with every aspect of this award winning program and have seen all my students (including the reluctant ones) move forward at an amazing pace. Please feel free to browse around to learn more about Simply Music. There is also a book composed of testimonies of Simply Music students and teachers called A World Where Everyone Plays in which you will find many personal stories relating to Simply Music.

Free Introductory Session

Since many people have never heard about Simply Music and its approach to piano instruction, there will be a free introductory session for you to learn more about this amazing method--It's beginnings, what it's not, demonstrations of some songs that the students will likely be learning this year.

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Time: 1:30-2:30pm
Place: Near I40 & Tramway

Please email Amy. or call me at 453-8210 to let me know how many people plan to attend.

2011 Homeschool Family Special

The class is open to children seven and up. Please note that occassionally there are some readiness issues with younger children please see about lessons if you have any questions concerning readiness.


The cost of the class includes the following
Total Material Fees: $150 to $250 per family
depending on the progress of the class
Tuition for each family:
  • First Student - $70/mo
  • Each Additional Student - $40/mo

The material fees are due by 8/28 to avoid additional shipping charge assessed to the family. Additional material fees will be charged as needed. The first tution is due on the first day of class.

September 14th will the the last day for late enrollment. After which time, the student may be required to attend additional lessons at the non-discounted price ($35/25 minute or $22.50/student per lesson for group lesson) to catch up to the rest of the class.

Awards and Recognitions

Simply Music has been taught internationally for over ten years. In recent years, Simply Music has gained recognition within the homeschooling community including 2009 Stamp of Approval Award from Homeschooling Parent Magazine, 2008 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award, and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 2008 Excellence in Education Awards. I suspect that over time, Simply Music's popularity will only increase as more people discover the joy of piano playing.

Simply Music has also gained much media recognition.


One last thought. Recently I heard Jeff Myers of Passing the Baton quote a musician friend, "Some people go to their grave with the music still inside of them." I believe that God has placed the gift of music inside each of us. It's no wonder that study after study have demonstrated that music has a profound impact upon our lives. So let us not be satisfied with teaching our children to simply to enjoy listening to music but teach our children to bring out this wonderful gift through their voices, through the piano and other instruments. SDG